Guest Book

Dear Ellie & Bill,
Staying at Dartmouth House (each year) is like taking a "Magic Carpet Ride." The heartfelt friendship you lavish on guests; the wonderful tips on where to go for 'shop & brag'; the cultural adventures you suggest; the supreme attention you give to detail; the fabulous cuisine and hospitality.

Dartmouth House is like a superb hand-knotted silk rug—each knot representing a guest that has stayed and been given a warm welcome plus wonderful memories... Your B&B is truly a "beautiful rug" that has welcomed so many folks over the years. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!
With love and admiration always,
Alison & Charlie, Ontario, Canada

Bill and Ellie,
You've created a magical oasis here in the heart of the city. Your thoughtful touches, along with your warmth, made our stay memorable. This really is the nicest B&B experience we have ever had.
Very sincerely,
Naomi and Marty

Dear Ellie and Bill,
Your generosity and friendliness and helpfulness to we Aussies will NEVER be forgotten! Americans like the two of you do your country proud.
Scott E. - AU

Coming here is like slipping into a cashmere sweater. Thank you! I hope to be back a 3rd and more times to your lovely home.
-Dolly - Hackettstown, NJ

Thanks for your hospitality. We’ve stayed in B&Bs in Texas, New Orleans, Baltimore, and throughout Ohio and never enjoyed a more elegant – or erudite – breakfast experience!
-Pat and Allen - Berea, OH

A discriminating friend told me that it was worth a trip to Rochester, New York just to stay at the Dartmouth House Bed and Breakfast. Although a funeral is what brought us here, we found the inn to fairly ooze charm from every pore. What character in both the house and the innkeepers—vintage hats on the closet shelf—glorious depression era glass for our breakfast—the Bathroom Trivia Book—freshly baked cookies in the hallway—a surprise in every nook and cranny. Coming to Rochester? Stay at the Dartmouth House Bed and Breakfast Inn.
-Carol and Joe – Burke, VA

As a ‘supposed’ writer I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe our stay here. Everything was beyond great. But most of all Gabrielle and I talked about your warmth and the love emitting from the both of you. You treated us as family—what more can I say. We will be back—and we look forward to many more stays here.
-Jack and Gabrielle - Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for the delightful stay. Your house is magnificent and your hospitality remarkable. Each and every detail was perfect and each breakfast more delicious than the last. You made my business trip pleasurable! I am very happy to have stayed in this gem of a B&B.
-Vanessa - Eureka, CA

What a wonderful B & B. The breakfast was a treat for the eye and such exquisite table dressing. You treated us like royalty. We will return and recommend you to our friends.
-Elaine and Lou - Hardwick, NJ

This was our first B&B experience and you have set the bar very high. All the details and extras are delightful. We know not all B&Bs are like this; we’ll definitely be comparing any other experience to this. You also are a wonderful couple to watch in action—you make quite a team. Thanks also to Anne-Marie who greeted us so warmly.
-Janice and Tom - Vancouver, BC

The word that keeps coming to mind is charming: a charming house in a charming neighborhood run by absolutely charming people. What I personally want to thank Bill and Ellie for, though, is being such articulate and enthusiastic ambassadors for the City of Rochester. I wish that we could have spent more of our time relaxing in this luxuriously cozy environment, but the mission for this visit was to move into a new apartment in a new city, and I couldn’t imagine a warmer or more inviting welcome to the neighborhood. Your advice and suggestions didn’t just serve to make this visit delightful, but will also have a huge impact on daily life for months and years to come. Many thanks!
-Barney and Laurel – Houston, TX

We had an enjoyable stay in your lovely home in Rochester! It was close to all the sites that we had time to see—the Eastman House and the Science Museum. The blueberry blintz and the garden quiche were wonderful. And, your magic transformed our apples into such a simple delight! P.S. I usually try to find one B&B to stay at during our vacations. This is easily the very finest experience we’ve had at a B&B—because of the spacious Canterbury Suite, the great breakfasts and most of all the inn keepers.
-Joann and Jack – Huntington Woods, MI

What a gem! We were made so welcome by Bill and Ellie and we loved all the little special touches: the spiced cider, the coffee and tea cart, the chocolate and of course the delicious breakfast.
-Helen and Brendan – Loire Valley, France

We had such a wonderful stay. The ambiance was superb, quiet and restful, but the breakfast was 'beyond belief'-5 courses, all truly exceptional. We have stayed at 50–70 B&Bs over the last two decades and never have we had a breakfast to compare with this one!
-Larry and Sue – Oxford, MD

Donna and I have stayed in a lot of B&Bs both in the USA and in Europe. We agree that Bill and Ellie are the MOST fascinating couple that we have met as B&B owners in all our travels! They also rate as #1 with their classy breakfast menus. The accommodations were very comfortable, cozy and quiet. We undoubtedly will stay again when we visit Rochester.
-Dave and Donna – Conneaut, OH

Outstanding B&B! Outstanding beds! Outstanding breakfasts! Outstanding hosts! Thank you for the recipe! P.S. and the directions to an outstanding restaurant!
-Bob and Carol – McKean, PA

Thank you so much for yet another wonderful weekend. We love coming here and every time we do, you never fail to put us at ease and make us feel a part of the Dartmouth House family. Your breakfasts are not only delicious, they are fascinating! We always leave having learned some curious fact about Rochester, philosophy and life in general.
-James and Julia – Forest Hills, NY

Dartmouth House is simply the best choice for any weary traveler - and a special delight (if not an outright relief!) for women travelers on their own in a strange city: Charming bedrooms with thoughtful touches, a splendid location (tree-lined historic neighborhood of turn-of-the-century homes, all minutes away from smart cafes and shopping). Of course, Ellie and Bill are the perfect hosts - always at the ready with advice and assistance! A stay at the Dartmouth leaves with you the feeling that you have just week-ended with good friends...I would put The Dartmouth House at the top of my list of places to return for a relaxing vacation!
-Lizza – Manilla PI

It took us all of 30 seconds to feel like we had walked into an old friend's house. It's just a joy to be there, relaxing with a good book, eating cookies and drinking tea from the hall outside our bedroom. Each morning, Ellie greets us with a warm and delicious breakfast that has perfect proportions. Even more delicious is the conversation among their special guests. On a recent visit, we enjoyed trading book lists, vocabulary puzzles and technology ruminations with our breakfast companions only to find out later that they were NASA employees, violin makers (Luthiers - thanks Bill!), and concert musicians. What an amazing treat!
-Ron and Nancy - New Carrollton, MD

I just chose Dartmouth House by chance from the Internet, but I am pretty sure there is no other place that would have treated me the way you did. Once you've been here you will compare every other place to this one: because this home has a heart. Thanks Ellie and Bill! You are the best!
-Mary - Los Angeles, CA

The day I found the Dartmouth House was indeed a fortuitous one for me. I travel to Rochester frequently and was very tired of the cookie cutter hotel rooms I had been staying in. The moment Bill opened the front door and welcomed me with his big friendly smile, I knew that your place would be great—and it is. Both of you are charming and you make visitors feel both special and pampered. Having WiFi for my laptop was like the frosting on the cake. Thanks! Oh! I almost forgot—I have never slept as well anywhere—even at home—as I do at The Dartmouth House.
-John - Anchorage, AK

Last night we saw the largest moon of the year, and this happens every year on the 15th of August, Lunar Calendar Year. But yester night we saw the Mars, the bright Mars next to the bright Moon. But, the Mars was not the Mars we used to see, it was the closest to Earth in 60,000 years. This cosmological happening was witnessed during our stay in your uniquely beautiful house of universal conditioning par excellence.

This morning’s breakfast, written on your petite palette and the green leaves of mysterious origin, perked up our strength when we devoured them. Ellie’s touches were special. We liked very much the German entree that was baked at 500° and served with peaches and special sausages.

We Kwaak family, coming from the other side of the world, are very much appreciative of your kindness and finesse, your smiles, stories, styles are all profound and humane. As the Master Planner/Architect of Seoul Olympic and the Eternal Peace Flame in Korea, I want to say thank you. We will think of you and try to share your kindness to others to make this world more peaceful.
-The Kwaak Family - Seoul, Korea

We have stayed in dozens of bed and breakfasts but not one has accommodated my addiction to caffeine via soda at breakfast or provided a television in the bathroom—until now! Not one of them has provided us with jackets (when we forgot ours) or an ice chest and picnic basket when we went on a picnic! But, most of all not one of them has had an Ellie or a Bill Klein! You kept us warm (or cool), comfy, well fed, entertained, intellectually stimulated and laughing for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! What hospitality! What food! But most of all what people!
-Debbie John, and Blake - Redlands, CA

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